Friday, March 07, 2008

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

JF sent me this view, taken not far from his "office" (c'est a dire, son bateau) in Kudat Harbour yesterday: a sizeable sailfish being delivered to the nearby market by the latest transportation equipment.

It's sad to size the profusion of small reef fish sold here. There is no enforcement of catch size — not surprising that the amount of fish here is dwindling rapidly. And the best fish go straight to the expensive seafood restaurants to be bought by the Taiwanese, Korean, Chinese & Japanese tourists. It's a lucky day when the average shopper finds slipper or flat-headed lobsters or decent-sized crabs in the market.

There are a few non-rainy patches in between the rain, which has gone on either day or night (or both) for the past 28 days. Here's a photo of the Likas water village taken on a recent morning before the rain started.

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