Monday, May 05, 2008

Meanwhile, out in the Rainforest

I haven't written anything for ages (apart from work-related material) and this time, I actually have a good excuse. We've spent the past couple of weekends out enjoying what we love most about Borneo: its amazing environment.

The highlights of our 3 days/2 nights at Tabin Wildlife Reserve in eastern Sabah were spotting a gibbon mother and baby; lots of exquisite birds including hornbills galore; eagles; the world's smallest raptor, the white-fronted Falconet, only 15 cm and devouring an even tinier bird; a diminutive Black & Yellow Broadbill which looks like a child had tried to use every colour in the paintbox to create a bird; an exquisite Black-backed Kingfisher; a Crested Fireback Pheasant stalking along the forest floor; a rare porcupine; a Bornean Pygmy Elephant — known as "Naughty" by the resort staff — who knows he owns the place; a 3-metre python and a deadly Pit Viper twined around a tree just 2 metres from our dining table.

Three days back home and then it was off to the peat swamp forest of Binsuluk, a couple of hours south of KK, to see lots of different species of pitcher plant, more birds and even the odd proboscis monkey. To wash off all the mud before we returned yesterday, we lolled about in the warm waters of the South China Sea.

This Friday, we're heading south to the Sarawak city of Miri, and the International Jazz Festival. Not a bird in sight (though there will no doubt be bottles).

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Botacook said...

You were lucky to visit Borneo ; I've loved tropical rainforest since I was a child (its luxurious plants and exotic animals and birds) and it's one of my dreams to discover Borneo. Moreover, your pictures are really nice, I wish you had published more of them!