Saturday, March 07, 2009

On the List!

I was browsing through the Sydney Morning Herald on-line this morning — as one does when one should be working — and caught side of food-writer Jill Dupleix's list of the 50 best recipes she's ever cooked. To my surprise, there was my Singapore Laksa.
(check it out at

The recipe is in the new edition (2007) of my Singapore Food; it's a lot of work but obviously I'm not the only one who thinks the effort is well worthwhile.


Pete said...

Wendy, didn't you also have a laksa recipe in the 1979 edition of your Singapore Cookbook? I remember your Kon Low Mein (dry wonton noodles recipe) vividly, as it was my student day staple in Australia back in 1980s.

Pete said...

And I'm waiting for you to come back to Singapore again, so I can get you to sign my 1979 cookbook. It's still in mint condition :-)