Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Fleeting Moment

The Japanese believe that ephemeral beauty is to be valued even more than beauty which lasts. As I sit here swooning with the fragrance of translucent white pigeon orchids, I'm inclined to agree. Our huge old pink-flowered frangipani is almost swamped by this easy growing orchid, which has a very predictable pattern of flowering: exactly 9 days after a sudden drop in temperature together with rain, innumerable tiny white blooms with a streak of daffodil-yellow on the top of the lip burst open and release the most incredible fragrance. Either on the tree or arranged in an antique blue bottle on my desk, the pigeon orchid blooms will have faded by this evening.

So much beauty and for such a short time. I get the feeling that Nature (this time with a capital N) is reminding us to treasure every moment to the fullest.

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tiffany said...

Those orchids are gorgeous. And your blog is making me hungry, as usual.