Friday, April 18, 2008

Kitchen Aid

No, unfortunately I don’t have that Rolls Royce of kitchen appliances, the incredible do-everything Kitchen Aid, although my lucky daughter does. But what I do have is this cute little plastic pastry cutter, something both Tiffany and I bought at a Chinese stall during the Sydney Food Show a few years back.

“Perfect for curry puffs!” I said. I don’t often make curry puffs or samosas, but it’s always handy to know my little cutter is there hiding under the satay skewers, vegetable grater, tongs, measuring cups and other junk in my kitchen drawer. I pulled it out this morning and used it to help create my curry puffs, which have a filling of potato, boiled egg and green peas spiced with chilli, cumin and sour mango powder (amchur).

I normally follow my own recipes but this time, decided to use one from one of my favourite Indian cookbooks. I dutifully made my own ghee yesterday and this morning made the dough and set about filling it. To my surprise, the amount of dough is nowhere near sufficient to hold the given quantity. Tant pis! That’s helped me decide what to have for dinner tonight when mon capitaine returns from Kudat. The potato and pea filling as a vegetable dish, with marinated chicken kebabs (I just happen to have chicken fillet in the fridge), Basmati rice, home-made yoghurt and a nice fresh tomato & red onion salad.

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