Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Indecent Proposal

Last night, I was offered — absolutely free — the use of a brand-new, luxurious apartment in one of the swankiest condominiums in town, for the next 30 months. Since I'm not exactly the sort of woman a sugar daddy would stash away, you may well ask why.

It was nothing less than a bribe to buy my silence, offered by the contractor building 3 monstrous apartment blocks in the once-lovely green valley to one side of our hill. I have been complaining constantly for the past year, threatening the developer with press exposure, complaints to High Places, and to the police, in order to get an agreement that there's no work after 7 pm (the din starts daily at 7.30 am) and no work on Sundays. Mon Capitaine has already been to the police, so they know we are serious.

So here was the contractor, asking us to move out of our house so we wouldn't hear the noise, and so he could work until 10 pm daily. I asked him what he was going to do about the dozens of other people on the other side of the destruction site, but he claims "they don't complain". Well, we do. We're staying put (imagine leaving our haven in the forest for a nasty apartment!) and the fight continues.

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Borneo Belle said...

I've heard that phrase before "noone else has complained". Time to shake up everyone in the neighbourhood - I say go door to door and get everyone to sign a petition.