Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To Market, to Market, to Buy ...

I went to the market in Kudat this morning, the best day of the week with lots of small local fruit and vegie growers selling their wares, along with tribal Rungus squatting over piles of tobacco, herbal medicines and copies of their much-loved beads. Here is what I bought for the day:

Apart from the usual tiny sugar bananas, lychee-like rambutan and papayas,and some corn (which turned out not to be the nice sweet hybrid but a boring maize), I brought back my favourite seaweed with we eat with lots of shredded ginger, shallots, chopped tomato and lime juice.
Some cleaned fresh anchovies which I'll stir-fry with lots of garlic, some bird's-eye chillies, then splash with fish sauce and lashings of juice from the limes in the garden here.
Lovely fresh squid which I'm still dithering about how to cook for this evening.
Soybean junket with syrup, for a late afternoon snack.

Did I ever tell you how spoiled we are for options here?

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