Sunday, March 08, 2009

Learning Curve

Please be patient with me. I've never bothered learning how to do a proper hyperlink to a website (as is obvious from yesterday's debacle). Now I'm going to see if this works.


Lisa said...

Congratulations, that's fantastic.

I still cook the beef and celery recipe from the book you gave me in the 80's (unfortunately a house mate, who also took a shine to the book, nicked it sometime in the 90's).

This has been a good prompt for me to get the new edition and learn a few more recipes!

I was looking at some of James photos - tell me something - how is it that you never seem to age?

Wendy said...

So many nice compliments, Lisa, I really appreciate them. I think a more interesting book for you might be my Green Mangoes and Lemon Grass, with my favourite recipes from all over SE Asia including Singapore and Malaysia.

Photos can lie — my face says I'm aging, but what to do, lah?

Do send me a photo when your baby arrives — it'll be such a happy (and busy) time!

Botacook said...

I'm not surprised that one of your recipes belongs to Jill Dupleix's list, whom is an author I really like. I own 2 of your books and it's always a refreshing and exotic moment when I open one of them. At these moments I just feel like going to Asia and make the most of deserved tropical holidays ;)

Christine said...

Yeeesss, I can vouch for it: Wendy's Laksa recipe is the best ever !! I took the opportunity to look at past comments on the blog and it made my mouth water (as usual) when I read Wendy's commenting on food... I'm going to order Green Mangoes and Lemon Grass immediately too! Much love to my favourite cook in the world, Christine

Christine said...

That's it. I now own my very own copy of Green Mangoes and Lemon Grass (awaiting delivery of it actually) Now comes the trickiest part: finding time to cook!

Pete said...

Wendy, didn't you have a laksa recipe in the 1979 (1st edition) of your Singapore Cookbook? Got to go back & check it out. I still remembered your Kon Low Mein (dry wonton noodles recipe) vividly, as it was my student day staple in Australia back in 1980s.
And I'm waiting for you to come back to Singapore again, so I can get you to sign my 1979 cookbook - it's still in mint condition :-)

C said...

Hi Wendy
I'm trying to find a way to get a hold of you - would love to find out more about you as I'm using your Singapore Food cookbook a lot!! Would love to know more about how you got the recipes. I run a website called and a little takeaway eatery called dapao
please contact me -